Single now

awindAre you single and feel happy, free, unattached? Or… Do you feel lonely, fading more and more each day, craving attention and a loving touch?


Some women wish to run free with the wolves, to simply have no attachments and be themselves… Strong, independent, untamed and unbeaten. No need to ask for permission for anything, simply do how they please. Amazons or princesses, witches or shield maidens of the modern world.

To dance free around the fire or in the moon light, still closely bound with Mother Nature, able to hear her whispers and heal…


Leila thought about all this and didn’t quite know how she felt about it.

She felt free but vulnerable in the same time. She longed for loving arms to embrace her, to feel safe and protected. However men that can offer safety are not always the best romantics… They can’t offer much affection and don’t have time to waste worshiping a woman.


And a woman should be worshipped, Leila thought…

A woman in her mid thirties, no children, never been married… She is very beautiful and articulate. Very warm and loving… Still she’s still single… She wonders if her sister wasn’t right by telling her she can’t attract men because someone her age, with no obligations, no attachments must be someone with a problem.

Men are not the very least attracted to strong, independent women… Not the man she wanted anyway… She did try to lower her expectations, but found herself in relationship with weak men that would always ask her what to do, what decision to take. She had no interest for anything like this. She enjoyed being a woman and had no desire to be in command. She looked for an equal, or even a man in command. Yes, she assumed manly responsibilities, but that was because she never had a choice. Things needed to be done.


She was walking in Helsinki thinking about all this, however she found herself overwhelmed with the beauty around her. The people, the trees, the smell of sea… She always found this place very special and dear to her heart. In the park people were casually sitting on blankets enjoying the sun. She agreed she’s never seen so many beautiful people. And she did travel a lot, almost the whole world… There was something about this place that made her soul sing… Could it be the fresh food in the fish market? She did love buying fresh berries and fruit here. The amazing sea food platter, the reindeer meatballs, the hearty fresh salmon soup, topped with dill and sour cream? The one of a kind jewelry she could buy? The amazing souvenirs? Or simply the great shopping experience over all? Her favorite shops, the Dior make up… Mmmm… She did enjoy being free and affording the most exquisite make up she loved to wear… She works really hard, however she never had to wonder how much a product she wanted costs… She could just walk into a store and pick what she liked. She didn’t even remember what she paid for the last pair of leather red shoes. She tried them on, decided she can definitely pull them off and walked away simply wearing them. Could she afford the same in a relationship, with a man, with children?


She suddenly stopped watching a beautiful arrangement in a window… Pearls… She did love pearls… And the mannequin was almost a reflection of her own self… Artistic, chic, precious, elegant, with a very strong sense of confidence… However… Singular…Surrounded by so much beauty, but lonely…

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