Do you wish he swept you out your feet and simply took you to the moon and back? Or you simply wish for him to bring the moon down for you?

Or… You would like your own Cristian Grey… With a playroom, money, accessories, yet a bit vulnerable and also carrying? Fifty shades of romance…

What does romance really mean? Is it an old concept that no longer exists in the modern world? Is it only candles, rose petals, silky sheets, a useless prelude that men use to attract women?

Or is it a state of mind, a faze of the soul, while looking for the One, for the soulmate, for the one that completes us and gives us wings to fly?

Leila was already chatting to this man for two weeks. They never met, yet they could chat for hours, like they knew each other so, so well. He was very articulate, a man in his late forties, that was active enough, yet that took the time to read books and have knowledge about various stuff that sometimes she thought only a woman would know about…

He had three daughters, therefore he knew so much about women, about how they’re like, what’s important for them…

He seemed to be the Perfect man. Manly enough, literate, rich, active, yet sensitive and very deep. He seemed to know how a woman should be spoiled, that her dream for a walk in closet isn’t just a simple mood, that beauty needs even more beauty surrounding her. Luxurious clothes, shoes, make up, high end brands, fine perfumes… A lady has to be spoiled indeed, Leila thought and this man seemed to know it all.

His words were flowing and she did feel slowly more and more attracted by this mysterious man… Hobbies, loved traveling as much as she did, was not afraid to take chances, loved adrenalin, yet he owned a fabulous house with a cozy fireplace. Mmm, she could almost feel the warm flames caressing her body while she lay next to him, in his strong arms. He did work out a lot and looked very good, at the peak of his maturity. The strong blond viking Leila always thought about seemed to have randomly showed into her life… She didn’t know if she should feel overwhelmed or simply think it was by all means the Law of Attraction taking its normal course…

Yet… He seemed too perfect to be true… She was very happy to chat to this man, yet he never asked her on a real date. She would have loved to finally meet this man and even start a relationship… She felt ready.

He didn’t send her any messages for a few days now and she felt she missed him indeed… She did try to send some messages herself, yet she received evasive answers, nothing much… She didn’t know why this bothers her so much. She grew attached to this man in a matter of weeks, or did she really simply grow attached to the dream of what this man could be?

She wanted something real, to finally know where things are heading, yet her imagination was completely running wild, with prospects of happiness, safety, romance…

She had a few glasses of wine that Friday night and thought she has to finally find some closure and really see what this man was all about.

He’s often complimented her pictures and admired her beauty, yet they never had a sexy conversation or anything indecent…

She thought she would step it up a notch and see where that takes… The wine gave her courage anyway…

She grabbed her phone and started typing…

‘I was wondering how you were this evening.. It’s Friday. Anything special planned for the weekend?’ she shyly said.

‘Hello! Just a little business trip tomorrow with some colleagues. Business and relaxing a bit. We’re going away, so I must wake up early.’ he replied.

Her heart was screaming, as she did miss talking to him… He common sense told her she should wish him sweet dreams as it was already quite late, however some part of her was screaming for her share, asking to keep him talking. She decided she would step it up a notch and said her body aches from some cold and she really felt she needed a massage.

‘I have massage appointments once a week after training. They’re really good and help your body relax.’ he coldly replied.

‘I was wondering if you would like a massage maybe? I’ve done some courses and I’ve studied a bit…’ she typed.

‘I have a very good professional, who knows exactly how to heal any tensed muscles and stretched muscles from training. Massage has to be painful in order to be efficient.’

Leila didn’t feel like she’s getting anywhere… But this gave her a wild idea. All or nothing. She could lose a nice fantasy, but she already felt this man is taking too much of her time, energy and mind… She needed to know.

‘I had more romantic, relaxing things in mind… But do you enjoy pain? Maybe a whip :-)?’ He was they only man she’s ever met who red Fifty Shades of Grey after all. She needed to play this card.

‘Mmmm… I do enjoy a little pain… And I do own a whip and handcuffs… What do you think?’

His answer came straight away, faster than ever… He was hooked… She felt a little disappointed, as she’s imagined this man completely different, even a little pain was piercing her little heart that started beating fast… Her mind though told her she needs to play her cards… She needs to find out.

‘My imagination is completely running wild now, but I know you have to go to bed, as you wake up early tomorrow.’ she quickly typed.

‘It’s ok… Don’t feel like going anyway, plus, I can sleep in the buss we’re taking… I’m so comfortable here on the couch with you…’

He was replying fast… She got his attention, even more that ever. Men don’t appreciate intelligent, independent women… They want beautiful girls that don’t think so much, someone who wouldn’t threaten their manhood, someone they could control… This was again right… And Leila started this game, had a few more sips of wine and was determined to see how far it gets…

Her own 50 Shades movie was happening…

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