Holiday vibes

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Holidays can be a little tricky… All that happiness, mimed or real, all the excitement, all the publicity, the sales, the smiles, the wishes…

A few times a year humankind decided it’s time to be jolly… A few times a year we decide it’s time to focus on the loved ones, make gifts, cherish, make bucket lists for the year to come…

The pressure can be almost unbearable if someone is single, the perfect TV commercials can also feel you lonely in two… That’s when you have a little break to contemplate, to appreciate, to analyze, to plan…

Is it a depressive period, when we simply wear a forced smile on our faces like circus clowns? Or do we simply sit back and enjoy?

Do financial limitations become more obvious now, or are we simply ever so grateful for the life we have?

Are we more empathic, more sensitive, do we set our frozen hearts free and focus on the love we share?

Holidays are definitely a great time to simply be ourselves. We should be happy, jolly, positive and appreciative every single day of our lives. Every day we should open our eyes and count our blessings, simply enjoying life and getting up only to spread our positive vibes.


Are you grateful for your life? Do you appreciate what you do have? The Universe responds to vibrations and does not chose whether they are positive or negative. The Law of Attraction simply amplifies what we feel and multiplies it. And not only a few days a year… Every single day of our life. We create our life with our vibrations, our thoughts, our feelings. We simply chose to resonate with the universe surrounding us, on the vibrational level we are on.

Balance is also so important. Being extremely jolly today and completely miserable tomorrow would only make the pendulum keep moving, never giving us the possibility to stop and find our equilibrium, our inner peace.

Do you truly appreciate what you have or focus on the things that are missing? If you’re single, do you feel depressed and lonely? If you’re a couple do you feel save and at ease?

Do you feel the holiday vibes only a couple of times a year, or do you make a holiday out every single day of your life, celebrating and being grateful?

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