Valentine’s Day

VantValentine’s Day is a great time to think and evaluate our couple life… To Contemplate about our life together and also to appreciate our relationship and be grateful to have our partner as part of our existence.

However… Do we need Valentine’s Day to be loving or to feel loved? Of course not… And of course we don’t need one day a year to remind us to be loving, and to appreciate our partner… This should be our natural state.

Every single day we have to show our gratitude, every single day of our couple lives should be in permanent contact with our partner and do those little sweet things to show we care.

But then again… Do we need Christmas to think about family and being together, do we need a New Year to contemplate and have resolutions? We don’t… yet we do… Same with Valentine’s Day… We don’t… but we Do!

We have such busy lives… we tend to forget the little, most important things… and yes, we do need Valentine’s Day to celebrate, at least one day a year love and show how grateful we are we have each other, to find the time for the little things at least one day a year, and yes, at least One day a year we need to make our partner our NR 1 priority….

However we don’t need Valentine’s Day to remind us to be loving and sweet, to appreciate our partner and re-vive the spark in the relationship… This should indeed be a natural state…

Also… A relationship is a lot more complex and more complicated… Not a simple walk on the beach with the wind blowing through our hair, while we whisper loving words… But it could be…

It all depends on us to make our relationship work, to keep the spark, the love, the thrill, to simply enjoy life in two or in a family… The glass always has a full part and as long as we chose to see it and make the right choices from our heart, everything should easily fall into place.

Teamwork isn’t easy, we are very individualistic and even egoistic a times… A relationship of any kind could be hard work indeed… Because it demands our attention, understanding, patience…



But when love flows straight from your heart and when you start making your choices from your heart… time simply flies, you feel nothing but happiness and gratitude and nothing is hard or a compromise…

‘To heal a relationship, see the bigger picture and don’t get distracted by the anger or emotion. See the real issue, the underlying fear that is always lurking there behind the drama.’

                                                                 Dr. Brian Weiss


Chasing the right partner for you is crucial. Just someone you think you could be in love is or someone who your eyes think they could love… is definitely not the right partner for you… It’s highly important you know yourself and then you can chose someone to fit and complement you.

Love with your soul

Love with your soul, not just your eyes, your smell, your taste, your touch… Love from the bottom of your heart and you will find the right partner!

The one to keep you safe, the one to save and protect you even from yourself… The one that can help you melt, without losing your identity, the one who make you be the best you can ever be.


Be happy, appreciate each other and enjoy couple life… and… Happy Valentine’s Day!

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