Saying ‘good morning, beautiful!’

How important ‘good morning’ is… It could make or break your day. A simple ‘good morning, beautiful’ can change the entire thought and attitude pattern for the day. The simple thought that you’re important enough for someone to be the very first thing in their mind when they wake up… Mmm… That can really boost our Ego, or simply make our soul dance with joy…

good morning pillow

Life is simple and it should be… Simple words can make or break us, as they connect so closely to our heart, the motor that keeps us going. They can motivate us, or they can drive us to the verge of despair. Simple words can make us feel like we’re on top of the world or useless, unloved, unnecessary…

That’s exactly why one should use words with care… Not too lightly and only when we truly mean what we’re about to say.

One should think before they speak, we know… However, we are also aware that most of the times this doesn’t happen.

Spoil your loved one with ‘good morning, beautiful!’, it’s the simple things that make all the difference and we should not assume that they go without saying. We also often appreciate what we had after we’ve lost it. And that’s when we wish we’ve said all these little things, showed more and truly cherished our loved ones.

If you’ve chosen a life with a partner, do not take it all for granted! Do not let monotony swallow all the joy you’ve felt in each other’s company! Appreciate what you’ve got and show your gratitude! One doesn’t easily find a matching partner, a soul that’s separate, yet so closely connected to your most inner being. Show your appreciation and make your partner always feel welcome into your life!

Remember… it’s the little things that matter the Most!

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