Life is simple


Life is simple, our minds complicate it. A row of useful activities that we just have to add meaning to. There is nothing philosophic, nothing dramatic, nothing too much in a normal couple life. It’s quiet, simple conversations about the weather, planning housework, making dinner, watching TV, reading a book…

It seems that you don’t even need to have too much in common. The less you do, the better odds for the relationship to work… No arguments, no implication, each one seeing his or her own hobbies, if any. No mind stress, not too much to think or argue about. The sooner you turn into simple apartment mates, the better.

No butterflies in the stomach, no raving passion, no deep discussion. Keep it light and simple.

We think we depend on others to be happy, but the truth is we need to see once and for all that only We can solve our own problems, dilemmas, insecurities, only we can make our own dreams come true.

It seems that in order to feel accomplished you truly need to have the time and the space to focus on yourself, instead or blaming your partner for your own faults, or taking over the partner’s burden and unsolved issues, trying to fix his life before fixing yours.

We can only share what we have, therefore happiness starts with our individual life. If you are so unhappy and frustrated with your own life, all you can share is unhappiness and frustration.

Have simple activities, simple interaction. Don’t think and don’t wonder too much. Don’t show how complicated your problems are and don’t provoke your partner to participate too much into your thought pattern. Keep a positive attitude and laugh as much as you can. Nobody enjoys a grumpy company. Just gracefully smile your way through life. Be grateful for what you have and never focus on what you’re lacking. Don’t have expectations to avoid disappointment and offer instead of asking. Suggest, but don’t try to impose yourself, let life flow easily. Never miss a chance to show your appreciation for everything. Love with all your heart and don’t criticize.

Life is simple, let it flow…


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