Women that love too much

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‘We accept the love we think we deserve…’

Leila was reading ‘Women that love too much’  by Robin Norwood and found that her own life was so much easier to explain now… Yes… She was a woman that indeed loved too much… This sounds somehow odd, as one cannot put a measure on love, of course, but we should definitely take into account natural, healthy love and toxic love.

Just watch the characteristics of women (and men) that love too much and see if you feel you’re among the ones that love too much:

  • You come from a home where your own emotional needs weren’t met. Alcohol, drugs, compulsive eating or working, constant arguing, refusal to communicate, or/and extreme rigidity were the norm.

  • Having received little nurturing, you try to fill this unmet need vicariously by becoming a care giver (especially to people or projects that in some way appear needy).

  • Because your parent(s) could not be turned into warm characters, you respond deeply to emotionally unavailable people whom you try to change.

  • Terrified of abandonment, you will do anything to keep a relationship from dissolving.

  • Almost nothing is too much trouble, takes too much time or is too expensive if it will ‘help’ the person or project you are involved with.

  • Accustomed to the lack of love, you are willing to wait, hope and try harder to please.

  • You are willing to take far more than 50% of the blame, responsibility and guilt for what happens.

  • You do not believe deep down inside, that you deserve to be happy. You believe you must earn the right to enjoy life.

  • Having experienced little security in childhood, you have desperate need to control people and things. You mask this by being ‘helpful’ (offering unasked advice, opinions, or criticism).

  • You are much more in touch with your dream of how things could be, than in touch with the reality of the situation.

  • You are addicted to emotional pain.

  • You may be predisposed emotionally and biochemically to becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol, and/or certain foods, comfort food, particularly sugary ones.

  • By being drawn to people with problems that need fixing, or by being emerged in situations that are chaotic, uncertain, and emotionally painful, you avoid focusing on responsibility to yourself.

  • You may have a tendency toward episodes of depression which you try to forestall through the excitement provided by external chaos.

  • Women attracted to ‘bad’ boys. You are a woman who’s not attracted to men that are kind, stable, reliable and interested in you. You find such men boring.

Excerpted from ‘Women that love too much’ by Robin Norwood.

Have a look and see how many of the characteristics above truly fit you. If you can find yourself in these lines, it is time to reconsider, heal yourself and look into accepting all the love, not only the love you think you deserve… What are your thoughts?

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