Vanity of vanities


How important our appearance is… Looking young, beautiful, fresh… We like to say the shell doesn’t matter, however in all honesty we know it does. Same as money… It won’t bring happiness, but it would surely sustain it. We like to believe we are anything but shallow, however the first impression often lasts a life time and a pretty appearance would certainly make us more tolerant.

Men and women face the midlife crisis, when a healthy diet, exercise, plastic surgery certainly become weapons fighting time. We want to believe that aging gracefully and acquiring some wisdom and depth is a bonus, that the passing of time would not affect us in any negative way, that we love ourselves unconditionally and so would others… Mmm… Is that really true?

And… if you don’t love yourself how can you possibly love others? We can only share what we have and if all is left is anger and bitterness… how can we possibly share love? Only a hypocrite can say they hate themselves, but surround others with love.

So what if we chose to take action and work on our physical appearance, in order to facilitate self worth and be able to become loving, towards ourselves and the ones surrounding us? Women exercise this from early age… diet, exercise, hair color, make up… All for an ideal image, subdued to society approved standards… A perfect waist, perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect life…

Beauty comes from the inside, reflecting on the outside… but I wonder if it were even for a second possible to reverse… for it to come from the outside and reflect on the inside?… Even for a second…

Leila was wondering… Should she allow gravity to follow its natural law and let her breasts sack… or should she make an appointment with the best doctor and have an implant? It would make her so happy not to worry about age catching up anymore, she would be filled with so much joy, joy she could share with others… She would become a better person… So what if a shallow decision could actually impact her entire life, her well being, her future? ‘The world begins and ends with us’ she thought. A shallow decision could actually change the world… No price is too high to pay for confidence, happiness, joy… ‘When you’re in your late thirties and still single, people would start to wonder…If you’re independent, confident, beautiful, intelligent… Why is it that you’re still single? There must be something wrong with you… On the inside or on the outside… All the good ones are taken by now…’ she thought.

Moral… and we’re all so good at giving others advise… But can we really practice what we preach? Do we believe for even a second that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that we only care about how deep a person is, that it’s the inside that matters, that eyes are windows to the soul?

Let’s be less moral and more realistic when beginning to answer this… Let’s place ourselves beyond good and evil and be true to ourselves when answering…


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