One with your other half


Love can be strange… But we all definitely aim for it. That magical moment when there are no boundaries… Just One being made out of two separate entities.

Even if he’s not perfect, not talking enough, not accepting your ideas enough, not open enough, not affectionate enough… In one magic moment, when all the boundaries are gone, when the mind stops running around and two bodies touch, you feel in perfect communion, your narrow minds stop analyzing and your souls touch…

Leila knew N. for a couple of weeks… The macho man, quite uptight, very strict with his rules, finding his manhood in his lack of flexibility and stiffness of speech. They were from different countries and even English, that was a neutral language for both, made it very hard to communicate, as his knowledge of English wasn’t great at all. He would feel very frustrated with everything, his impossibility to understand, his social status, his lack of means… It was a tough time for him indeed, still… he was very ‘proud’ and never accepted a suggestion, a compliment, a warm hug… Closed to the world around him and closed toward any kind of loving gesture… Yet he wanted to be loved…

Leila thought she should be patient and bare with his rude remarks, even to the nicest things she ever said, to the fact that even if she did anything nice, it would go unnoticed… He wouldn’t allow himself to relax or feel happy, as he was petrified of opening up and feeling anything, too afraid of being hurt… She knew people do react like this, and after being badly hurt, their trauma causes them to close up completely and never allow themselves to feel anything ever again… Yet she decided to be patient for a while and give it all a chance… She resented men with problems and worries that she always seemed to attract, however, she decided she would be patient.

And… in his embrace, away from words, languages, disagreements, traumas… There was nothing but tenderness and peace… She melted under his touch and the tough, uptight man turned into a loving, tender lover, unselfishly giving himself to her, not in a hurry anywhere, that could caress and kiss her for hours and hours… Once the brains stopped and quit the argue… everything would simply turn into a calm, loving flow… They would flow together like One… And she could feel nothing but pure pleasure and so much love… He would patiently cover her with kisses, from head to toe, worship her whole body and expect nothing in return…

How was it possible that two people that could not even understand each other’s words, would simply collide into One single should, One single embrace?

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